How does this work?

You order your groceries using our order form, and we then bring your groceries to your residence, and payment is completed upon delivery. 

Are you part of No Frills?

NO! We are an independent party simply purchasing customer's groceries at JUSTINS NO FRILLS, and are independent of the NO FRILLS Corporation.

Why choose Oy Vey?

We have highly skilled grocery order fillers who don't have to combat with four children in the shopping cart.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver in Thornhill only, specifically the L4J postal code. However, if you are outside this area please contact us!

How much time do I save with Oy Vey?

The average grocery store trip is between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on cashier lines, travel time, and product hunt. 

Imagine if you shop 2-3 days per week; the time you save with Oy Vey is immense! 

What if I only need a few items from the store?

Not a problem, that is why we are here.